Knicks Practice: Monday, April 18, 2011

The Knicks held practice at TD Garden in Boston on Patriots Day, Monday, after their Game one loss to the Celtics. I was there along with a LARGE New York and Boston Media contingent. Here are some quotes from Coach and key players after practice wrapped. Overall the mood was positive. Players seem anxious to get a chance to get back out there and have the opportunity to win Game two, to tie the series. Chauncey did not practice. He was limping around the arena.

Quotes from Monday Practice

Coach D’Antoni
Chauncey will be day to day … he’s sore, so … he’s very questionable.
He’ll be checked again , they’ll ice him … do everything they can, hopefully he’s okay …very questionable.
We’ll prepare (as if he won’t play) Toney will play.
Toney made some big shots, we hate to lose Chauncey … Toney will need the energy, he’ll have to play big minutes.
We were disappointed …. Bad bounces, bad breaks, but give them credit …. Ray hit a big shot, Paul Pierce hit some big shots, we had ‘em on the ropes … we think we can get them back there.
In transition they got us a few times, we can’t let them, we got to get them back in the half court.
On Melo missing shots from 3 … “he is human” He had an unbelievable 2nd quarter, had some tough looks after that …

Chauncey Billups

I don’t know (about tomorrow) I’m really sore today, it’s really sore today, going to treat it all day and tomorrow and we’ll see how it goes. No tests plans we’re going to treat it and see if I could go.
Not worried about his part of my career, worried about this time of season, getting hurt this round, this part of a series, I know my team needs me, that’s the way the ball bounces sometimes.
In case that I’m not playing, I’ll be out there and vocally do the best that I can do to have guys prepared, Keep Toney ready, Anthony’s going to be ready, he’s always ready, just try to help them out through any situation that I can, kinda be another coach out there … if I’m not able to go.
Everything is up in the air day to day … I’m hoping tomorrow, but I don’t know if that’s realistic, if not tomorrow I’m hoping for the next opportunity.
I gotta be able to run and play and run up and down the court, help my team, not hurt my team.
(Is Toney Ready?) YEAH …. I just think Toney’s been great … he doesn’t add pressure to the situation, he’s a great dude, he’s been playing great.

Amar’e Stoudemire

(On Toney and the screen on Ray Allen’s game winner) … I just saw the screen and him falling.
I don’t think there’s nothing they can do except try to deny me the ball.
We as a team are focused, determined, hopefully we can get a win tomorrow.
On Toney … It’s his first playoff experience as leaders of this team we have to keep him motivated … keep his composure….we have confidence in him. He played well.
We did a great job defensively, the coaching staff gave us certain strategies on personel, us as players studied it, we went over and over it, I know I did … we showed a good defensive effort all night, hopefully we can do it again tomorrow.
They got us in transition a few times, We still gotta get a few more of those offensive rebounds, make more hustle plays.
On Garnett … we have so much respect for each other, it’s just a battle, it’s a battle that we pretty much tip our hats off to each other. It’s a challenge that we are both willing to accept.

Toney Douglas

I would have no problems shooting the last shot, I have the confidence to take them, but in those situations … Melo is our best player.

(On starting if Billups is out) … I’m ready. I’ve got a lot of energy. Mentally, my body, I’m ready.
On when he did start for Billups … that helped me a lot, knowing that Chauncey helped me before with my confidence …
(On Rondo) … I’m ready to take on a challenge, play defense, do what I have to do to help the team win.
I feel like I tripped. … What do you think? I’m asking? What do ya’ll think? Think there shoulda been a whistle?? (lots of laughs from media) Let’s reverse rolls … I’m asking …. (laughs) … if he didn’t call it, he didn’t call it .. we have to move on.
(On his 3 in 4th quarter) … Yeah I hit a big shot, but they’re the Boston Celtics, they know how to come back. 

Carmelo Anthony

I’m good, I’m excited … about game 2, my teammates are excited about getting back out there and competing, we just gotta bring that same intensity level as we did yesterday to try to do this again.

(About what happened right after Ray Allen made the 3 point shot) I thought we would call a time out, I looked over at coach and he was yelling “go go go” … (someone says, you were out of time outs) … yeah, I didn’t know, maybe that’s my bonehead mistake … but the shot felt good… I’ve made that shot before … sometimes you make it sometimes you don’t.
I wanted to get a shot up quick to give us a chance to get an offensive rebound, we could still make something happen, shot did feel good, I just didn’t make it.
That shot wasn’t different than what I made in Philadelphia a week and a half ago … a night it just didn’t go in.
I think about what happened how the game went … what I could have done differently … it’s natural …
I couldn’t buy a bucket last night, after the second, my shots weren’t going in, shots were short. Same shots I would take over and over.
On IF Chauncey can’t play tomorrow: It’ll effect us big time, we’ll be losing another one of our soldiers our leaders…but at the same time, it’s go time, It’s playoff time, we gotta have guys step up.

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