Pre-season Interview with Knicks Jason Kidd (VIDEO)

I was flipping through saved links on my computer and came across this interview I did with Jason Kidd on Knicks Media Day, back on October 1, 2012. As I talked to Kidd for NBA TV  in one corner of the MSG Training Facility, other Knicks met with the media in a press conference in the other corner. An exciting and fun day for anyone who covers the NBA.

It’s intriguing to see, all of Kidd’s answers have come to pass up to this point for the Knicks this season.  At 23-11 and currently leading the Atlantic Division and a half game back of Miami in the Eastern Conference, it is clear the Knicks are a changed team compared to previous seasons. And much of the credit could go to future Hall of Famer, Jason Kidd.

Despite turning 40 this coming March, Kidd has exceeded expectations as a mentor to Raymond Felton.  He is the Knicks starting point guard with Felton out until the end of January with a broken finger.  Kidd has started 29 of 30 games played, when he was never expected to be a starter for the Knicks when he was signed.  With that, Kidd is averaging 30 minutes a game.  Did I mention he turns 40 in three months? Kidd’s leadership and veteran advice has benifted all the Knicks on and off the court.  Every player speaks of Kidd in glowing terms after each game and … well watch for yourself.  Kidd knew he had a purpose for this Knicks team when he signed with New York, and nearly half way through the season, he has more than followed through.


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