This is not a joke. I hope.

As I unpacked in my hotel room in Salt Lake City, Utah, the same room I was assigned to last year, I realized, this was the last place I wrote an entry in my blog. Sure enough, I checked. It was over a year ago. March 18, 2013. On Carmelo’s knee. That night’s game was all about Kurt Thomas playing on a broken foot and saving the Knicks season. On March 31, 2014, Melo did all he could, on both ends of the court, to maybe save the Knicks season as well. We won’t know the outcome of that story until the Knicks clinch or get eliminated from a playoff spot. But this blog will not be about the Knicks. Kinda. That’s for my MSG work. This is going to be a little learning tool. I hope. Or I’ll look like a tool, starting this thing up again on a Fool’s Day.

This really is going to be “Tina’s Notebook.” I don’t talk in the third person. That’s simply the title of my blog. But as I update my website, it would make sense to keep these entries updated. I have a lot of stories to tell. Not about the Knicks, but yes, many of these stories occur when I am at work, and traveling with the Knicks. Such as the horrific fashion faux pas the Cavaliers’ Kyrie Irving was experiencing … which I noticed … and alerted their courtside reporter, Allie Clifton. She then alerted the Cavs trainer …. and this is what we call a “tease” in television … so you’ll have to keep following my blog to read what Irving’s faux pas was.

I will also literally show you my notebook. This stems from my desire to continue what I do monthly, educate and inform inspiring sports journalists and announcers about the industry. When I speak at college classes, from my alma matter at the University of Maryland, to St. John’s, to Columbia graduate classes, many student ask me, “Do you write down your questions?” Sometimes I do. Sometimes I just jot down topics. Sometimes it’s on the fly because of a game winning basket. There’s a whole unpredictable dynamic that happens in the last 3 minutes of an NBA game … I’ll take you through it. It’s funny at times. Lame other times. Exciting a good amount of the time. Sometimes historic. I’ve saved every notebook from when I covered the Red Sox with NESN (2006-07) to last night’s win over Utah by the Knicks (and I’ve been on their court since 2008), plus my Red Bulls notebooks as well. I’ll show you my notes, post game prep, pre game prep … and all the random stuff that never makes it on the air.

So, you want to be a sideline reporter? I’ve got interviews set up with most of the 30 court side reporters from around the NBA. I’ve already screen captured a text exchange between me and my big brother, (in the NBA court side world) Jason Jackson from HEAT TV. He tabbed #CourtsideClub … and if you follow us on twitter you’ve seen the obnoxious selfies.

There’s more to it than selfies. We have fun, but we do have a serious job. (no we don’t, we sit on a basketball court, sometimes next to the bench, and report on basketball … it’s amazing!!!!) But IT. IS. A. JOB. AND we understand each other’s schedule, demands, etc, so there’s a unique bond. We could care less what “team” the other works for. We are not fans. Wait. I lied. We are fans of each other. So it’s never a “Knicks vs. HEAT” thing. And as I introduce you to everyone, you’ll learn how each of our roles, at our respective networks, covering our respective teams, varies GREATLY. Same title. Different assignments. Same goal: add more to the broadcast to complement what the the play-by-play announcer and analyst are doing from their post, bring to the table what they can’t see, what viewers and fans would be interested in … and bring the athlete into the fan’s home with our interviews.

Then there’s my “notes” from my iPhone. You know the app. I’ve been keeping a journal / jot down, kinda pad thing there as well. From inspirational quotes, to Bible versus, to wonderful things people have said to me, to horrible things people have said to me, to bewildered moments when I just write from my string of consciousness. I think we will have fun breaking these things down, and we may have in common. Experiences. Life. That kind of stuff. It may get serious. Personal. Or not.

I also have a lot to share about: travel (30 NBA Cities / 30 spots I can recommend), fitness & food (I do a lot of both, which is why I am healthy but not skinny), packing … oh, I’m going to rip some people in that one … I already have a title for that entry: “No Sh!t my bags are heavy!” Family (lessons I teach my nieces), friends (Boston Girls Weekends & Women in Sports Power dinners), “True Blood” (I hosted a character costume party, I was the maenad MaryAnn), “Game of Thrones” (I want to mother dragons), marathons (3 and counting. yes, mom, I want to run another), golf (#confession I play to wear the clothes.), church, makeup, cats ( I have 2 now. And my late, first #kitteh is a LEGEND), husbands (I’ve only had one, I love him more than ever right now.), my all female fantasy league … I have yet to win.

If you are still reading … let’s be friends forever.
Regardless, my goal is that you can learn something from each entry.

As far as today’s entry, you will not learn your thing, until next week; Will I really be committed to this? If I write again … great. You will learn things. If I never write again … you will have learned; I’m not very disciplined.

Love, T

About Tina Cervasio

Tina is a television and radio sports broadcaster in New York City and contributes to national television broadcasts as well. You can currently see Cervasio on FOX 5 WNYW, Big Ten Network, Red Bulls Broadcasts, NBA TV, while also appearing as a guest on many local and national shows to talk about sports headlines, particularly the NBA, MLB, MLS, US & International Soccer after being a team announcer for both the New York Knicks and Red Bulls for 8 years and the Boston Red Sox from 2006-07.
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